Basic Insights On Picking Important Criteria For Application Form For Registrar

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Mueller said he has lived the tough life that many students in the district go through. His parents died when he was a teenager, and he was homeless for a time. It was the bond with a Los Banos teacher that he said saved him from negative influences in his life. He would make sure I wasnt out on the streets being in trouble, said Mueller, who went on to graduate from high school and college and own a business, JM Contractor Services, for 10 years. Through his construction experience, Mueller said he introduced the school district to a new construction method that cut in half the original price to build Mercey Springs Elementary School. Mueller said he supports creating an equal field for all students, including hiring the best teachers and administrators regardless of ethnicity or race. That stands in contrast with Martinez, who advocates for the makeup of school staff to reflect its diverse student body. Martinez, a co-founder of CAC, described himself as a deeply religious man. He said he would focus on educating the younger children in the district by focusing on student-teacher relationships. That bond is more successful when connecting medical interview king’s college london with someone of their own background, he said. Martinez said he learned from his experiences growing up and connecting with a Latino role model.

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